Fikret Şengül
Fikret Şengül
Software Developer
Fikret Şengül

Web Developer

Mobile Developer

About Me

Hello! I am third grade student at IT department of Bilkent University.
I'm interested with web and mobile development with React and React Native. Nowadays, I'm learning Node.js to be a full stack developer.

  • Age: 23
  • Address: Ankara, TURKEY
  • Status: Student at Bilkent University
  • E-Mail:
React Front-End

Do you need a good looking, functional and low cost website, web or mobile application works on both iOS and Android in a short time?


Do you need a secure, fast, reliable and scalable infrastructure for your application whether using Firebase or Node.js in a short time?

More About Me

I was born in 1995 in Manavgat, a pleasant and touristic district of ​​Antalya. I've been fascinated by science, technology and space ever since I was a kid. I've had spent plenty of time watching National Geographic and Discovery Science documentaries.... I just can't forget Michio Kaku's way of explaining the physics and math like never done before, and the universe that Morgan Freeman describes with his wonderful god voice. After high school, I decided to go for software department to understand the logic behind computers and to make some of my ideas turn into the reality.

I would like to share my philosophy with a sentence: "You should know at least one thing about everything, and everything about at least one thing." Knowing one thing about at least everything makes you highbrowed and helps you to find yourself, and knowing everything about at least one thing distinguishes you from other people by specializing on that.

More About Swift

Five months ago I decided to learn Swift to build an social media project. Prior to that I knew only the C and Java languages. At first it was difficult to get accustomed to a real object oriented language, actually I still find some concepts difficult to understand. But I like to make mistakes and I think that development can only be possible by dealing with something big and difficult.... Since the beginning, I've been trying to get comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Swift, Xcode, Cocoapods and Firebase. I'm familiar with using storyboards or programatically designing user interface and components. I've been also doing my best to learn how to:

• Communicate with a database (read/write),
• Monitor events in a database,
• Structure data for optimum performance,
• Build a fully functioning social network,
• Implement push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging,
• Parse incoming JSON data from database,
• Use CocoaTouch classes, UIKit, UserNotifications etc,
• Use CocoaPods and custom third party softwares,
• Implement and use protocols,
• Implement custom subclasses for clean and reusable code,
• Dynamically size collection view cells,
• Create extensions and API functions for clean and reusable code,

I know there are more things I need to learn and improve to become a professional mobile developer but I'll try to do my best. Thanks...

2019 Jun - 2019 Aug
React & Native Developer

I've developed three projects that creates mock data and form submissions works on all platforms with React and React Native as an intern student.

2015 - Present
Bilkent University
Ankara, Bilkent

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Technology and Information Systems.

  • React
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Firebase
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Website Hosting
  • Database Design
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Browser Applications
My Projects
Blinked - A Social Media App
Mobile - Swift & Firebase
JotForm Mobile Generator
Mobile - React Native
JotForm Web Generator
Web - React
JotForm Browser Generator
Browser Extension - React
My To-Do List App
Web - React & Firebase
Space Impact - A Game
Mobile - Swift & SpriteKit
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  • Address: Ankara, TURKEY
  • Email: